How Long Does Fresh Juice Last

The major reason we juice is to avoid drinking pasteurized juice from the store. For a starter in juicing who are wondering how long does fresh juice last? this post will answer all the questions concerning the shelf life of the juice.

To answer the big question, how long does fresh juice last? Fresh juice can be stored up to 24 to 72 hours but for effective benefits, you should drink it within 20 minutes.

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The difference in the hours to last is brought about by the following reasons.Although it is possible to store fresh juice for a while, keeping it for long makes it useless because the vitamins and enzymes are lost.

Oxidation is the heat that is released by juicers or blenders while juicing which degrades the nutrients in the juice. It is the loss of electrons by a molecule in chemical terms.

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When juice is exposed to the air, the proteins and amino acids react with oxygen which results in discoloration in fruits as well as the loss of the nutrients.


The Factors affecting Oxidation levels
There are reasons which make your juice to have high or low oxidation.

Organic produce
Yes, you can increase the shelf life of juice by using organic and fresh produce because they contain higher levels of nutrients.

There has been the comparison of different juices on the time they can last but the truth is, all juices spoil almost the same. The juices, orange juice, carrot juice, lemon juice beetroot, berries juice, etc should be consumed immediately or within 24 hours.

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Type of juicer used
In this case, there are two types of common juicers in the market. Centrifugal and masticating juicer (cold press or slow juicers).